Would You Eat Off Your Bathroom Floor?

I know what you are thinking. What the hell, right? Who would want to eat off their bathroom floor? The very thought of this instantly fills a normal persons mind with fear and disgust. After all with the toilet, the shower and bathroom sink - the bathroom is often considered to be a filthy environment. And unless you just had a brand new bathroom renovation, how clean do you think your bathroom really is?

Sure you go to your bathroom to get clean but you are cleaning off filth in the process right?

All I Need is the Air that I Breath - Just Don't Kill Me!

Sure we have all heard the famous song "All I need is the air that I breath" by the Hollies but today we are going to talk about something slightly different. You see in our world full of charges and taxes at least we still have the air that we breath for free. Right? Well - yes, sure it is free. But not all air is equal and you could be putting yourself in great danger by breathing certain air.

Outbreak - The Movie - It Could Happen...

Do you remember the movie Outbreak? Released in 1995 it was a smash hit at the cinemas. Maybe because what it is focussed on something that can really happen. And maybe it was because it was talking about an Ebola like outbreak that was actually happening in Zaire at the time. Crazy stuff!

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